Writing in Astro Accelerator is super-easy. We’ve tried to make sure the content is separated from theming concerns as much as possible.

The only folder you need to work in is src/pages/ and the only file type you need to know is markdown (.md).

Add a file called “example.md” to the src/pages/ folder with the following content:

title: Example
navOrder: 9000

Hello world! 

The page will be automatically added to the menu and you can click on it to see your content.

The output of the example page markdown

The output of the example markdown

You can learn how to use markdown on the CommonMark tutorial. There are also some custom markdown extensions that give you some markdown super-powers.

Child Items

You can add child pages and articles by naming folders after their parent page. The folders that you create form part of the address of the page or post.

Child Pages

You can put pages into folders. If you wanted to add pages as “child items” of your “Example” page, put them in a folder named /examples/.

If the folder matches the page, they become linked. Simple.


  • /pages/example/child-page-1.md
  • /pages/example/child-page-2.md

Child Articles

You decide how you want articles to appear in your web addresses. As long as they can be found in the folder named after your articles page, for example /pages/articles/ you can organize them however you like.

For example, you could arrange them into folder using the year and month of publication: