Required frontmatter

The following items are the minimum required frontmatter fields.


String or Limited Markdown. The page title.

title: The importance of being earnest


Date. YYYY-MM-DD. The date the page was first published. See also: modDate. This is used for sorting some types of content.

pubDate: 2022-10-01


String. Used for the meta description and in the site search.

description: An overview of frontmatter in Astro Accelerator.

Optional frontmatter


String. Specifies the layout for the page. Defaults to src/layouts/Default.astro if missing.

layout: src/layouts/Default.astro


String or Limited Markdown. A subtitle for the page.

subtitle: A play by Oscar Wilde.


String. Allows you to specify the meta keywords value.

keywords: astro,frontmatter


String or Limited Markdown. A summary of an item.

summary: >-
    A summary can contain a description with _markdown_.

    This content is often used at the top of list pages, for example, to describe an author.

    YAML requires this content to be indented.


Date. YYYY-MM-DD. The date the content was last changed. This is used to indicate updates via the sitemap and to broadcast a change has been made.

modDate: 2022-10-01


String list. A list of categories to assign to the page. All categories are shown in default taxonomy components.

    - Astro
    - Websites


String list. A list of tags to assign to the page. The most used tags are shown in default taxonomy components.

    - JavaScript
    - TypeScript


String. Needed for author profiles. Must be unique.

id: steve-fenton

String list. The authors of the content. Uses author ids.

    - steve-fenton

String. A short title to be used in navigation menus. Only needed where the menu should use different text to title.

navTitle: Short title

String. A short title to be used for navigation groups, if it needs to be different from navTitle or title.

navSection: Docs

Number. Recommended where the order of pages in navigation is important.

navOrder: 1000


An image to use in open graph banners, which are used when your page is shared on social networks and other platforms.

    src: '/img/reading.png'
    alt: A person holding a book


ltr or rtl. Sets the direction of the content, for example rtl would be used for Arabic content.

dir: rtl


String. Sets the language of the content, used to select translations from language.json for common components.

lang: en-GB


Bool. Signals that pages will be generated, which means navigation links will be updated to point to the first page.

paged: true

Bool. Can be used to remove the page from the site search.

navSearch: false

Bool. Can be used to remove the page from the site map.

navSitemap: false

Bool. Can be used to remove the page from the menu.

navMenu: false


String. When used with a redirection layout (for example src/layouts/Redirect.astro) this specifies the relative or fully qualified address to redirect the user to.



String. Allows control over indexability. By default index, follow is used, so only set this when you don’t want the default.

robots: noindex, follow

Limited Markdown

Limited Markdown refers to subset of markdown allowing paragraphs and block quotes with inline styling with *emphasis*, **strong**, ~strikeout~, and line breaks\.

Please open a GitHub issue to discuss extending this feature, which is limited to improve performance on large sites.