Astro Accelerator intends to be kind to search engines.

A big thank you to the SEO community, especially Petr Vinklarek, for their knowledge.

Canonical URLs

We hint the canonical URL for pages to search engines using the <link rel="canonical" ../> tag.

Address Normalization

All component and layout links are passed through URL normalization, to ensure the trailing / is included.

Structured Data

Breadcrumbs contain structured data.

Open Graph Tags

Open Graph tags are included for social sharing.


You can create a redirect by adding a markdown file with the following content:

layout: src/layouts/Redirect.astro
title: Redirect
redirect: /articles/feed.xml
navMenu: false
pubDate: 2022-09-17
Our article feed can be found <a href="/articles/feed.xml">here</a>

It uses the Redirect.astro layout to perform a meta-redirect to the location of your choice, including external addresses if required.

The above examples is in /pages/ and redirects requests from to

The content of this file is optional, as browsers typically respect the meta tag redirect and immediately send the user to the correct location.

You might implement a strategy where instead of renaming a page, you move the content to the new page and turn the existing page into a redirect, to avoid trapping users on a 404 page if they have the old address or follow an old back link.