Welcome to Astro Accelerator

A super-lightweight, accessible, SEO-friendly starter project for Astro

Welcome to Astro Accelerator. A super-lightweight, accessible, SEO friendly starter project for Astro.

The Astro Accelerator source code is available on GitHub.

Astro Accelerator is built on some strong opinions:

  • Accessibility is not just important, it’s fundamental
  • Everything should work without JavaScript
  • The democratizing force in the World Wide Web is HTML files
  • Software supply chains should be minimal

Astro is the first framework build on the majestic HTML concept, where pages can be largely static but still enhanced with additional stateful behavior where needed.

It’s clean semantic HTML, simple CSS, and some minor non-essential enhancements in plain JavaScript. Steve Fenton

Out of the box, Astro Accelerator is a “top scores” high-performance website in the lab. Pagespeed Insights tests website performance on mobile and desktop across a number of measurements.

Astro Lighthouse Score (100% in all categories)

Top scores across the board

Test scores aren’t everything, but Astro Accelerator is light and fast.

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