In Astro Accelerator, posts (news, articles, blogs, etc) require a couple of puzzle pieces. In the examples below, the term articles is used below, but you can call this anything as long as you keep it consistent.

All the below items are in the /src/pages/ directory:

  1. / (used for frontmatter)
  2. /articles/ folder
  3. /articles/[page].astro (list page)
  4. /articles/[year]/[month]/

The top-level markdown page only contains front-matter that is used to show the item in the menu and to redirect any stray traffic:

layout: src/layouts/Redirect.astro
title: Articles
paged: true
navOrder: 100000
navSearch: false
navSitemap: false
pubDate:  2022-09-17
redirect: /articles/1/

The folder contains the list page logic [page].astro and folders containing articles.


Author profiles are just normal pages, with the author layout and a unique id. You can place them in a folder to group them.

layout: src/layouts/Author.astro
id: steve-fenton
title: Steve Fenton

You can link multiple authors to an article using the article’s frontmatter.

layout: src/layouts/Default.astro
title: Sample Post
navMenu: false
    - steve-fenton

The author, or authors, in the frontmatter are matched to author profiles by the id.

Using Different Article Names

You can use a different name for articles, or even have multiple collections with different names.

  1. /pages/ (used for frontmatter)
  2. /pages/blog/ folder
  3. /pages/blog/[page].astro (list page)
  4. /pages/blog/[year]/[month]/

Adjust the frontmatter in [page].astro in your new folder to change the title.

const frontmatter: Frontmatter = {
  layout: 'src/layouts/Default.astro',
  title: 'Blog',

Adjust the filter in [page].astro in your new folder to change the listed items.

const sourcePosts = await Astro.glob('../blog/**/*.md');

Add a new feed by copying atom.xml.ts and changing the path for articles:

const allArticles = import.meta.glob('./blog/**/*.md');