About Astro Accelerator

Astro Accelerator contains layouts, components, and extensions that provide essential features for most websites. It also introduces a mechanism to make it easier to switch out your theme later.

The CSS in the default theme been kept separate to the components to make it easier to replace entirely. The HTML is semantic, so applying drastically different styles and layouts should be easy enough.

You can publish Astro sites to GitHub pages. Alternatively, you can run npm run build and push the /dist/ folder to your preferred hosting infrastructure.

Where Next?

Statistic and performance

In general, you don’t need to run statistics and performance. You can enable it in your config.ts file:

const SITE: Site = {
    captureStatistics: true

The statistics process writes a CSV to .log/statistics.csv with information about individual calls made.

You can summarize the statistics using:

node .\src\themes\accelerator\utilities\stats.mjs

The results can be adjusted as follows:

Changing the results

The default settings report only total processing time over 2,000ms, or an average of over 20 ms.

const records = (await processFile(false))
    .filter(record => record.ms > 2000 || record.avg > 20)
    .sort((a,b) => {
        return b.ms - a.ms;


Performance: For "accelerator/components/HtmlHead.astro", 75 calls took 4022ms (an average of 53.6267ms)
Performance: For "accelerator/components/ArticleList.astro", 34 calls took 1537ms (an average of 45.2059ms)

You can remove the filter line entirely, or change the values to adjust the two thresholds.