We think accessibility is more than important. It’s fundamental. The whole point of the World Wide Web is to make information available to the world. If you exclude people based on how they interact with a computer, that’s not a World Wide Web.

Quite a lot of effort has gone into making the out-of-the-box Astro Accelerator accessible, though we’re happy to get your feedback on GitHub.

A huge thank you to the accessibility community, especially Kev Bonett, for sharing their crucial knowledge.

Keyboard Users

We have skip links as the first tab-targets on all pages. Keyboard users can skip quickly to the part of the page they need. There’s also a final link on the page to get you back to the top.

All interactive page items are keyboard-navigable.

Aria Attributes

Where necessary, we have add aria attributes to ensure things like navigation are identifiable.

  • aria-label
  • aria-current
  • aria-modal
  • aria-labelledby

Reduced Motion

For users with a preference for reduced motion, there are no animations or smoothing applied.


JavaScript is not required. The site will run without it.

Where JavaScript is added, it progressively enhances the page.

For example:

  • Mobile Menu: The overlay navigation for small screens uses JavaScript, but without JavaScript it is a simple bookmark link to the navigation at the end of the page.
  • Site Search: The site search uses JavaScript, but without it will perform a fallback search (using Google Search by default, but this is configurable)
  • Clickable Boxes: Links are “expanded” to make an entire box clickable, but a default link is available if JavaScript doesn’t run.

The main navigation detects scenarios where supplemental information is valuable and adds it.

For example, if you have the frontmatter:

title: About Astro Accelerator
navTitle: Overview
navSection: About

It is possible that the title “Overview” has insufficient context when used in the menu.

Where a navigation title is supplied, the full title is added as supplemental information to assist users.